The Sacred Messenger

Did you know that your Soul sends you personal messages all the time? It uses a highly sophisticated form through which to conduct its conversations: a communication device with the ability to move, speak, feel, hear, touch, taste, smell and see. More intricately evolved than any "super-computer," this sacred messenger has a mind of its own with an unlimited capacity for storing and accessing memories. This sacred messenger that I'm speaking of is your body!

Imagine your physical self as a caterpillar waiting patiently to morph into a butterfly. In order to achieve this miraculous new form, the Soul utilizes the body as a portal through which it may experience thoughts, emotions, and healing. In John O'Donohue's book, Anam Cara, which translates to "soul friend," he writes that the body acts as a mirror for the Soul. As a visible sign of invisible grace, the body articulates an unseen world and grants the Soul a unique style of self-expression.

Amazingly, our Souls remember experiences from past incarnations, and some of these memories surface during our current lifetimes. Manifesting themselves physically, these challenges can often be traced back to a Soul's past life encounter and may include unexplained health issues, problems with intimacy, fear of loss, lack of self-expression, and feelings of powerlessness.  In order to be aware of and heal these issues, we must consciously listen to the Soul's "messages."

In the spirit of heeding the sacred messenger's call, I invite you to join me for a healing session to help accelerate your Soul's awakening and transformation. To prepare for your session, I ask that you consider these four guidelines:

  1. Remain open and allow to receive images that may appear, messages that are revealed, and emotions that surface during your session to awaken.
  2. Express to release these experiences to allow for a better understanding of emotional blockages, challenging situations, and chronic health issues. 
  3. Accept the guidance of Shmaya, which will help reveal and transmit your Soul's gentle and at times not so gentle reminders.
  4. Break through the belief that the body is separate from your Soul; this will lead to a new path that's free from fear and guided by love.

Your true Anam Cara is speaking to you.  Are you listening?  Embrace the call of the sacred messenger...and allow your spirit to soar.

With blessings,