Embrace Your Awakening

Our planet and its inhabitants are undergoing a metamorphosis of massive proportions. These changes affect us all, and often manifest themselves in unusual ways. We may experience everything from sleep disruptions, and vivid dreams to involuntary shaking and feelings of disconnection from those around us. Alternately, we may perceive subtle differences in our lives or surroundings without being able to pinpoint their exact cause.

If you've sensed these disturbances, you are not alone. Each of us plays a role in the divine plan to raise our planet's consciousness and create a new world. This mass awakening stimulates a shift in awareness and allows real change to take place.

Almost 20 years ago I experienced my first awakening, and it felt as though I were dying. I now realize that this occurrence did represent a death of sorts...through which I prepared for the next stage in my life. When we release old habits, clear energy blockages, and adjust our relationships, our bodies are "re-tuned" to a higher calibration.  In my particular case, I developed healing gifts to serve my fellow anam cairde (soul friends) throughout their journeys. 

During one of my awakening, I became a channel for a collective consciousness that embodies a language of light. I named this language Shmaya, which is an Aramaic word, meaning "oneness in all." Though they are not understood by our intellects, the sound and vibration of the words within this language transmit healing qualities. By sharing this divine gift, I intend to heed my calling as a catalyst to support the awakening that is taking place.

When you experience a challenging or unexplained shift in your life, be aware that it is a meaningful step toward your soul's ultimate awakening. Attempt to embrace this profound preparation for existence on our enlightened earth.

I trust that the following guidance will support and ease you along the path:

  1. Replace fear with love.
  2. Stay grounded and present to the reality of nature and the rhythm of your breath.
  3. Feel unexplained sensations in your body; hold the area gently while breathing deeply.
  4. Explore the messages offered by your dreams.
  5. Receive grounding, relaxing energy work to ease your body's stress.
  6. Experience the language of Shmaya...extending blessings, healing, and profound peace to your whole being.

Remember to open, release, allow and trust. These mindful actions promote a healthier, higher state of being, and enable us to remember where we came from and who we truly are.

With honor and grace I continue to feel blessed to do my work to support others on their healing journey.