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JoAnne Palladino

Namaste, dear precious souls. As you explore my website I invite you to be with this as if we are communing together.  Though we may not know each other….know that our energetic connection is very alive.

I have been blessed to be a channel that speaks the language of light and I have named this language Shmaya.

Shmaya, the Beings of Light has come to us during this time of expansive change.  The guidance I received is that this Divine frequency of love and grace is here to help souls evolve and influence the awakening on the planet.  

So enjoy exploring the website as we commune together and I look forward to hearing from you as Shmaya and I are here to support your awakening with ease and grace.

Shmaya is here to help YOU realize and embody complete and unconditional love and self-acceptance.


Shmaya, an Aramaic word, means "oneness in all" is channeled through JoAnne. In effect Shmaya means; The Light that rises from the Oneness and shines through the cosmos…lives within everyone, everything and in every word.

The sound and vibration of the energy words within this language, channeled through JoAnne, transmit a variety of healing qualities, touching people on a deep level resulting in a sense of profound peace. Clients receive guidance and a healing from Shmaya that reaches beyond the body and quickens overall well-being.

There are various ways that you can work with JoAnne Palladino and Shmaya, the Beings of Light to support your awakening. Many people look for spiritual guidance to enhance their personal growth, deepen their yoga practice and enrich the benefits of meditation. This will expand your life beyond the connection between yoga and spirituality to a new level of joy and connection.

You can experience this loving support through personal transformation sessions either one on one or in a group setting.

Whichever opportunity you are drawn to will help you realize your goodness, your worthiness and your significance as a sacred human being.

JoAnne Palladino has hand selected the items that are available to you in her Store. They have been chosen for a few reasons. The first is the high vibrational residence in each of them and second, how these items work with Shmaya and the Beings of Light’s energy to support clients on their path to awaken. Everything in the store enhances the benefits of spiritual deepening, yoga and meditation.

You can consider these beautiful sacred items as tools, talismans and practices for your use to support your spiritual awakening and as gifts for your loved ones.


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