Clear Your Path to Self-Love

Clear Your Path to Self-Love


This package includes 7 videos and a 30-page self-inquiry journal to support your path to self-love.

Each video provides teachings, guidance and vibrational clearings from Shmaya, the Being of Light.

The 7 videos provide:  1. An Introduction to Shmaya, 2. Clear Auric Debris, 3. Quiet Mental Chatter, 4. Release Emotional Suppression, 5. Remove Physical Blockages, 6. Shift Spiritual Disconnection and 7.  How to use and get the most out of the Self-Inquiry Journal.

Once you purchase the Clear Your Path to Self-Love package, your journal will be immediately ready to download, and the videos will be sent to you from JoAnne within 24 hours.  For those of you called to also purchase the 60min. session, JoAnne will contact you to schedule your time with her.

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This is a special offer add-on that is available to you when you purchase the Clear Your Path to Self-Love package. After you purchase, please contact JoAnne via email or phone to schedule your session. | 303.263.0679

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JoAnne Palladino and Shmaya, the Beings of Light have created a 7 video package which includes a 30-page self-inquiry journal to support and deepen your path to self-love. Each video offers energetic activations and guidance, which are described below.


Video 1

In this first session, JoAnne Palladino introduces you to Shmaya, the Beings of Light. She explains and starts to share this high frequency of Love and Grace to transform you and clear your energetic field.

JoAnne shares the frequencies of Shmaya’s Language of Light, to help you evolve to self-love and higher consciousness.

Through these activations you can:

  • Realize and embody complete and unconditional love and self-acceptance

  • Shift from fear based reaction to a loving, compassionate, and conscious engagement with life in each moment


Video 2

In this Activation, JoAnne showers you with Shmaya’s Light Language and Reiki energies to release any debris in your Auric field. This release can be from people close to you, from the human collective, those who have passed, and the energetic magnetic filed that is everywhere.  When your field is full of energetic debris it can cloud your judgments, emotions, mental capacity, physical energy and your connection to Source.

This clearing in invaluable for everyone especially those who are sensitive to energy or an Empath!

The Clear Auric Debris video:

  • Releases the unwanted energies that are attached to you

  • Creates a shield to prevent new debris from coming into your field


Video 3

In this energy transmission, JoAnne and Shmaya offer a path to peace by quieting the mind chatter that creates and amplifies fear and worry. The activation releases the stuck energy of self-critical thoughts and replaces them with self-loving thoughts.

This is a great activation for people who are longing have clarity of mind inviting the ability to hear, listen and be guided from the heart.

The benefits of quieting your mental chatter are:

  • You become the observer of your thoughts which brings you to the moment so you can choose again

  • You experience working with the breath to keep the mind centered

  • You access your inner knowing to trust life and love

  • Access to your inner knowing from Source and your Pineal Gland


Video 4

In this fourth activation, JoAnne and Shmaya release the pent up emotions that you have not expressed, and are held and stuck in your body. She teaches you how to embrace the emotions rather than denying them, to embrace and clear them without judgment.

These high frequencies can unblock your stuffed and denied emotions and invites you to expression your feelings freely and mindfully.  Express and speak your truth!

This video Includes:

  • A release of the emotional frequencies that do not serve you

  • A way to express emotions in a mindful way

  • An invitation for expansiveness to release emotions

  • Support to open your heart for yourself first and then extend to others


Video 5

This fifth activation can remove physical blockages to love. The body is the holder of truth and your pain can be a messenger to alert you that something needs to be released. In most cases, physical discomfort of the body is caused by emotions that have been denied or thoughts that are depleting your energy.

The energy stream in your body will flow freely releasing physical discomfort that has been held in the body allowing a peaceful grounded state within you.  Honor the body and embrace your sacred temple with this activation.

JoAnne and Shmaya offer:

  • A clearing of Karmic debris that is held in the body

  • Release of cellular memory from your past life as well as this life, including your lineage

  • An expansiveness when you breathe in and out


Video 6

In this sixth activation, you will be reconnected to your source of divine love. You will be reconnected to sacred unity within yourself and within the collective.

When you reconnect with your sacred self, you can naturally embody self-love again.   You are an expression or an extension of Source.

Shmaya offers the following frequencies and lessons:

  • Experience your True-Self – God, Divine Light – that is within you

  • Release your old patterns that keep you away from embodying self-love

  • Cultivate the divine light within yourself through quietness and stillness

  • Experience a sense of sacredness and resilience


Journal & Video 7

JoAnne has put a wonderful self-inquiry journal together to support you as you Clear Your Path to Self-Love.  In this video she explains why she created it and how you can increase your results.

You can use this journal and activations as often as you would like…each time you go through the material, you will go deeper into a connection with your true self…Love in Form.

Included in the journal are:

  • Poems, definitions and quotes

  • Instruction on how to use this 21 day program for best results

  • 21 questions to support your spiritual, emotional and physical shifts

  • Mindfulness practices to use with the material to amplify your results