Mala Beads

Handmade, one of a kind and infused with Reiki energy

A mala or rosary is a string of 108 beads, which traditionally is used to recite a mantra or to follow the breath. Using a mala helps raise awareness of oneself, be in the present moment and cultivate the stillness within your being.  The practice is feeling each bead with the fingers, as you inhale and exhale or recite a mantra, and be present with what is revealed in each moment involving body, mind and spirit.

Why 108 Beads

The heart is the source of the infinite and our connection with the Divine.  From the heart there are 108 main veins that go from the heart to all the extremities and after reciting a mantra or prayer 108 times you have raised the vibration of your body bringing your body, mind and spirit to a peaceful Divine healthy state.

Beads created by Coly Vulpiani

Coly’s bead creations are made of caribou horn and wood.  As he begins to create the mala and forgiveness practice beads, he welcomes each bead onto the strand. He sees that these beads will become a sacred family.  As they are held in their owner’s fingers they will be used to connect with the highest good in their user and their connection to the Divine is in their hands right at their fingertips.  The beads become a sacred object in their own right imbued with the best intentions of their user.

The string connects the beads in the same way we, as a family of souls, are ‘strung’ together by the Spirit that runs through us.  And that which runs through us, is that which connects us.  Thus we as souls, the precious, and beloved creation of the Divine, are ‘strung together’, and connected to our Creator and each other through our sacred breath or spirit.  

Mala Prayer Jewelry Beads