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Internal Conflict Resolution Workshop

  • 2055 South Oneida Street, Suite 330 Denver, CO, 80224 United States (map)

“The disagreement among our inner voices is the source of internal conflict.”  

Throughout life, we all have times when we are standing at a crossroads not knowing which direction to turn.  It makes little difference whether we are dealing with a career change, a difficult relationship, or the calling to deepen our personal and spiritual growth, whenever parts of us are in conflict it causes us pain.  Caught between the opposing voices in our head we can be left feeling out of balance, disconnected, alone, and vulnerable.   

The belief that our answers will be found by looking harder, is the distraction that keeps us stuck at the crossroads.   

In this workshop you will…
• Bring clarity to the cause of conflict
• Identify the parts of you that are in conflict. 
• Learn how to bring peace to inner conflicts.                
• Experience the Empowered Presence that functions as your “Inner Mediator” and brings resolution to the opposing voices

FACILITATOR: Coly Vulpiani |

COST: $111

REGISTER and INFO: | 303.476.8402