A Free Energetic Activation Transmission

I invite you to complete the information below to receive your free mp3 audio which can be downloaded immediately. This activation, The Sacred Breath, focuses on the healing qualities of the breath.  The practice of following the flow of the breath is ancient and time-honored.  Simple yet profound following the breath allows energetic shifts to unfold within you touching all aspects of your being.  

I invite you to listen to The Sacred Breath activation when you feel anxious or stressed, cannot fall asleep or fall back to sleep, feel unsettled or not grounded.  Actually listen to it any time when you are needing to get back to your center and be fully engaged in the moment.  It will help you be more aware, will allow the body to relax and support clearing the mind of chatter...inviting a sense of peace and calm.

Allow time after you listen to and receive the activation so you can bring your sense of ease and calm into the activity that may follow.

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With light,

JoAnne and Shmaya, the Beings of Light